A piece of good news has just came through from a good friend of mine. The time has come, he feels, to commence work on a new church building. Now, before you go off thinking that he’s some multi-millionaire pastor from a mega church with a huge congregation and therefore he has astronomical takings from his parish; no, he’s not that kind of pastor. His parish is small, it’s isolated, and it is also poor.

Yet, blessed with growth, his ministry has been, so a new premise is needed. But the funds… well, let’s just say that that did not grow proportionally to the growth in souls.

So, what to do? Growth in numbers, but no growth in funds. Premise needed but nothing to build it with. Sound familiar?

Indeed, my friend is not the first, and he certainly will not be the last, to be moved into action before the resource was made available. Note, I say ‘before the resource was made available’, not ‘when there were no resources’, and definitely not ‘and given no resources’; because, think about it, when was the last time God commanded but did not provide?

Remember when the Lord said to Moses,

“Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.” Exodus 3:10

Moses was not a great and persuasive public speaker. He was not even eloquent. And he surely did not have the following of a thousand. In fact, Moses was merely tending to his father-in-law’s flock when the Angel of the Lord appeared to him (Exodus 3:1-2) and this was how he described himself.

“But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” Exodus 3:11

Who was he indeed. But look at what our Father said in response.

“So He said, “I will certainly be with you….” Exodus 3:12

And our Father was with Moses every step of the way, wasn’t He? No matter how many excuses Moses had, our Father always had a remedy, a solution, a resource. And we remember that He sent 7 plagues to convince Pharaoh, did He? And in the end, this was what Israel left Egypt with.

“Now the children of Israel had done according to the word of Moses, and they had asked from the Egyptians articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing. And the Lord had given the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they granted them what they requested. Thus they plundered the Egyptians.” Exodus 12:35-36

They ‘plundered’ the Egyptians. Israel wasn’t given just what was due, Egypt let themselves be plundered. Now’s that’s what I call provision, wouldn’t you?

And in the desert, they were provided. When they were hungry, there was food, when they were thirsty, there was water. Even when it was cold, there was fire; and when the heat got too much, there was cloud. They stepped out in faith, and our Father certainly delivered on His promise, didn’t He?

And they weren’t the only ones.

David had the sling and found the stones when he went off to face Goliath. Daniel had the lion’s mouth shut when he went into the den. Peter found the money for the tax in the mouth of a fish. Those who followed Jesus received enough bread to not only have their fill, but have baskets left over, twice. Even Noah, when he was 500, was given resource enough to build that ark. And the most classic of provision stories, Abraham, after being given a son at a ripe old age, was given a ram to sacrifice in place of Isaac, even though sacrificing Isaac was supposed to be a test of his faith.

So from the evidence in the Bible, it would be reasonable to assume that when God wills, He will provide. But what about your life? How has it been for you? Was there a time when you had to step forth in faith with next to no resource? How did that work out for you? Were you provided?

Then look at the situation now. Can you trust our Father again?

Don’t get me wrong, beloved child of God. Stepping forth in faith is scary, mostly because you have got next to no safety net to catch you if you fall. But remember that for us who have put our faith in Jesus, we need no safety net, for as our Father said to Moses,

“I will certainly be with you….” Exodus 3:12

So shall He certainly be with us too. Not behind us, not under us, not simply there to catch us if we fall either; but there with us beside us, taking every step we take, feeling everything we feel and most importantly, providing for everything that we could ever need.

So if you are called to step out today, go ahead. For with Christ, you are never stepping out to take the plunge; but stepping out to be lifted up.

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